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Dongler – More than just a VPN! 

So often we are asked, “how can such a small MiFi Router do as much as we claim?” To answer this question we must step back to when we first looked at the competition.

Generic products of this type (for which the official definition is “MiFi Router or 4G LTE Wi-Fi Router”) are being currently sold in retailer outlets right across the globe. Their main purpose (generally speaking) is confined to only a single task of utilizing a GSM SIM card, and then sending-out (transmitting) a Wi-Fi hotspot for wireless devices to connect themselves to the Router, which then permits the user to be connected to the Internet.

This seemed rather interesting, since it was almost common knowledge that connecting to a GSM signal, always meant an elevated demand on battery performance. Indeed, this was almost a contradiction… producing a device for principally a “mobile” use naturally depended on the efficiency of the battery, and having only GSM capability seemed to contradict it’s prime purpose.

With this in mind we thought to ourselves, why would a product be manufactured in such a fashion, only to be flawed by an apparent oversight? So we went back to the drawing board, and concluded the competition have apparently released a product which seemed rather undeveloped for it’s prime purpose, and certainly could accommodate a multi-task environment, whilst retaining the battery performance.

Fast forward 2 years… and the result is the Dongler, one of the smallest MiFi Routers with integrated wifi-bridging technology on the market, thus making this the ultimate traveling companion (UTC), providing a truly “mobile” experience.

Incorporating wifi-bridging technology was the key, and also solved the problem for such a small 2000mAh battery, meant that not only could the device utilize a common GSM Internet connection, but also connect to a conventional 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network. In Wifi-bridge mode, the Dongler can last between 6–8 hours on only one charge, and therefore (IOHO) is classified as fit-for-purpose (FFP). The Dongler effectively has now emerged ahead of the game offering users the choice, in being truly classified a product which is fit-for-pupose (FFP).

So we solved the problem of producing a product which is more power efficient, and has more capability, and improved performance and is by definition, one which is giving the fullest “mobile” experience as possible.

In addition, we considered whether other services and features could be added to the solution? So again after scratching our heads, we came up with our interpretation… the Cloud VPN server. This offered full encryption, and other possibilities in addressing data manipulation in allowing the user to surf anonymously, and be 100% private, since the network has no logs or retains any data that travels via the Cloud Network. The servers and the controllers that drive the whole system, results in a finely tuned engine, offering the consumer optimal performance. The system was designed to be totally dynamic and modular by nature, and so the system can be improved upon at will. The unique over-the-airways (OTA) capability of the Cloud Network, meant that any future updates could be applied efficiently on the fly and with immediate effect.

Therefore, the answer is quite clear…

the Dongler is more than just a VPN, it’s an all-round solution!

Privacy, security and protection is our no.1 priority, what’s yours?

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