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The Dongler is not just a VPN


It’s an all-round Mifi Router which includes GSM & WiFi-Bridging Connectivity, which means you have a greater choice in not only connecting to GSM Internet, but also to a WiFi Network !


How to purchase the Dongler ?

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Privacy, security & protection is our no.1 priority, what’s yours?

What is the Dongler Project?

Founded in 2016, the project comprises of a highlytalented team of techno engineers and Internet geeks, which together developed the next-generation solution resulting in the “most advanced VPN innovation”, which is incorporated into the Dongler.

The solution directly tackles and addresses the Threat Landscape which effects each and every user connected onto the Internet, by adding extra layers of security, very handy especially when IOT is just around the corner.

Finally, the Internet user now has “real choice of being able to utilize a combined GSM & Wifi-Bridged solution, and choosing to subscribe to our unique “Cloud VPN Network” keeping you safe whenever you’re on the Net. – read more

Dongler is already IOT Compliant

Are you really protected when you go online?


Coffee shops are quite often popular places to sit-down and relax. However, not every customer is there just to enjoy the atmosphere.

Hackers quite often visit these open spaces as an easy way of enticing you on to their “free” Wi-fi network, which looks similar to an authentic network but isn’t. This trick then puts your connected devices at further risk of data harvesting and other breaches of privacy.

The Dongler will protect your PC, Laptop, smartphone, in fact all wireless devices whatever the situation.

VPN sharing at your fingertips !

VPN Routing - Quick & Easy Solution !

The Dongler is the best way to protect yourself and others whilst you’re on the go. It’s the ideal solution to share your VPN in a public network environment. 

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The Dongler is a unique MiFi Router which incorporates an “advanced Cloud VPN Network” (CVN) in ensuring your connect device(s) are continually 24/7 protected and secure”.

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Dongler is the Ultimate Traveling companion

connected devices are always 24/7 protected from the Internet.

It’s one of the smallest MiFi Routers on the current market !

The Cloud VPN Network is only a small slice of the “all-in-one solution” all packed into one convenient pocket-sized device.

Are you really protected when you go online ?


The Dongler is your “ultimate traveling companion”(UTC) whether you intend to use it at home, away or even in a remote location.

If you’re traveling to a foreign country, you may experience some websites not being available (censored) or perhaps your web-dependent social application has stopped working as it should (blocked).

The Dongler will allow “ALL internet traffic to flow freely” 

Dongler connects to both GSM + WIFI includes Built-in Cloud VPN Network!

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Going on Holiday?

The Dongler will save you money on Internet Roaming costs!


The Dongler will protect you in every situation (including the comfort of your home) in preventing your connected devices being over-exposed to the Internet, and avoid unnecessary risk.

How to purchase the Dongler ?

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Airports are more often than not your next portal to another country. They can also can serve as an ideal environment for Hackers to steal your private information, especially when you waiting for a long period for your connecting flight. Distracted by unfamiliar surroundings, you may be unaware that you have become the next unsuspecting victim of cyber crime.

New release!

MiFi APP (android only) for interfacing with the Dongler.

Available on the Google play APP store.

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