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If you’re thinking of purchasing a MiFi Router, consider the Dongler. It has a few interesting features that makes this product really unique.

  • 1: Incorporated into the Router is a Wifi-Bridge, which means it can connect to just about any 2.4Ghz wifi network. This is currently unique to the Dongler.
  • 2: Unlocked GSM connectivity — meaning you can share the Dongler with just about any SIM card.
  • 3: In-built Cloud VPN Network, providing extra protection whenever your on the go. Plus ! you get 1 month’s FREE trial with every purchase !
  • 4: This handy and very portable device weighs in at only 72g, one of the lightest on the market, and is your ideal traveling companion, whether it’s home, away or even on holiday.

Privacy, security & protection is our no.1 priority, what’s yours?

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