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Terms and conditions currently under review to comply with GDPR requirements …


For EU/NON EU, citizens using this website and in accordance to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU privacy protection law which comes into force on the 28th May, 2018. This website and it’s contents will fully comply and enforce the rights and privacy of those citizens under the applicable law.*

All data held on our secure cloud servers will comply with GDPR on an opt in/out basis (whenever applicable).

Additional website rules & guidelines – (Resellers only)

Each Reseller must create an unique identity, independent from Nymex Ltd (nymexsolutions) and provide original content on their intended or current website.

No reference quoting our or any other related third party website or company name in their ToC, Privacy or cookies website pages is permitted, as each Reseller is fully responsible for their own wording and identity. Naturally, jurisdiction will certainly dictate the tone in terms of specific legal directive(s) inclusions, depending on your geographical location and applicable sovereign law.

You are however permitted to use the “Dongler” logo if this is compatible with your marketing strategy.

If any reseller requires specific material from either us, or indeed any other related party, their permission must be first be granted by the legitimate owner, preferably in writing, (though verbal communication can also be accepted).

PLEASE NOTE: The breaching of intellectual property or copyright is taken very seriously in many countries, and may be punishable by law either as a criminal or civil offence. (subject to the local sovereign laws)

Please respect other parties at all times, for which all are entitled to promote and market their services on an equal basis.