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VPN Routers can be a hit or miss affair, unless you know what you’re looking for. Most Routers (generally speaking) require some kind of IT skillset to get them going, unless you’ve been fortunate enough to find one that is really user-friendly or preinstalled.

Most generic Routers require some software to be installed, either by unofficial firmware that has been modified or some other add-on to make them more compatible. Either way, unless you know what your doing, you could be heading for a minefield of trouble.

The Dongler serves as a dynamic VPN Router courtesy of our unique Cloud VPN Network (CVN) and one of only a few MiFi solutions that you can carry in your pocket, providing a mobile experience of privacy, security and protection.

The advantages of this setup up, means we can provide the consumer a much simpler choice of being able to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) without all the fuss.

  • Quick and easy to activate
  • Requires NO prior computer knowledge
  • NO Router configuration required
  • NO installation of software
  • Shares the Cloud VPN Network (CVN) with up to 12 devices 
  • IP address cloaking 
  • Data encrypted
  • 100% anonymity 
  • Total Privacy
  • NO logs
  • NO data retention 
  • Internet of Things (IOT) Compliant
  • Progressive Cloud Network

Cloud VPN Network (CVN) is made for sharing

The risks of using a Public WiFi Network means you can easily use the CVN and share it with others, just by connecting to the Dongler. 

Dongler - VPN Router easy and simple to setup

Just register and go. 1 Month FREE Trial without any obligation !

VPN sharing at your fingertips!

The VPN is in-built into the solution which (when activated) will enable the Dongler to easily connect to the Cloud VPN Network (CVN).

PLUS you get MONTH FREE trial of the CVN. No payment is required, we do not ask any credit card details. Completely obligation FREE.

The CVN is both expansive and dynamic, meaning that we can provide custom-made changes depending on the needs of the client. Most other solutions are (generally-speaking) static.

The solution provides a high encryption connection between the Dongler and our Cloud VPN Network, keeping your connected devices totally safe and fully protected

The simplicity of the Dongler allows you to share your VPN with a friend or even a total stranger in a public public environment. Just connect the device to the Dongler and you instantly enjoy the same VPN privileges as anyone else.

Privacy, security & protection is our no.1 priority, what’s yours?

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