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MiFi Routers for most part are designed to be mobile Internet sharing devices (Wireless Routers) that transmit a WiFi hotspot, a precise network or access point (AP) which you can then connect with any WiFi compatible device. This could be a smartphone, a laptop, or indeed a personal computer (PC).

The reason why they have become so popular in recent times, is because they are portable, and can easily share GSM Internet connection (courtesy of a SIM Card) with many other devices simultaneously. Very convenient if you only have one SIM Card, and want to share your Internet connection to more than one device.

Hotspots (generally-speaking) can be created by just about anything, but MiFi Routers are especially good at the task of sharing simultaneously.

Today, MiFi Routers come in different shapes and sizes, and vary in terms of specification, but generally-speaking most of them do exactly the same thing … tether a GSM Internet SIM Card, and that’s it !

The Dongler on-the-other-hand, is the next generation of highly-portable MiFi Routers (only 72g) to hit the market. It has multi-tasking capability means not only can the Dongler share a GSM connection, but also any 2.4Ghz WiFi network, providing optimal choice for the consumer. So this means, when you’re not in range of a GSM signal, you can then choose to connect to your WiFi network instead, or indeed visa-versa! It’s the only MiFi Router in this category to have both GSM & WiFi-bridging capability.

In fact, connecting to a wireless network is more energy efficient than your GSM connection, which results in your battery lasting longer, meaning longer surfing time

So there you have it! MiFi Routers are certainly here to stay, but some have more capability and features than others. 

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Dongler - smallest MiFi Router on the market !

Highly portable MiFI Router which incorporates both GSM and WiFi-Bridging capability 

Dongler: GSM+Wifi-Bridge+Cloud VPN Network

The Dongler has a built-in Cloud VPN Network (CVN) which is purely optional. However, every Dongler comes with 1 month’s FREE trial, just register and go!.

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